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Reinventing is possible with tradition only.

Dishes referring to the Italian gastronomic tradition reworked in a modern key, and more actual proposals with original ingredients and combiations are found in the menu.
The offer is seasonal and changes 4 times a year, always including meat, fish and vegetarias options with fresh and selected ingredients.

Pigeon, Jerusalem artichoke and cherries

Grilled pigeon’s chest, fake pigeon’s thigh, Jerusalem artichoke, rainbow beetroot, toasted lentils, cherries.

Napoli-Milano Ravioli

Ravioli filled with meat pulled from the Neapolitan ragù and guarnished with tomato’s sauce, saffron sauce and puffed rice.

Figs, yogurt and blueberries

Figs cake with caramelized fig, caramel’s cream, yogurt’s and blueberris’ ice-cream, basil.

Egg or provola?

Low temperature cooked egg, smoked following the tradional method used for the provola, mashed potatoes with lime, mushrooms salad, provola’s broth with star anise, lime and mint.

The kitchen’s brigade has been entrusted by chef Carlo Cracco to the young Neapolitan chef Luca Pedata, born in 1989, who has been giving his personal touch to the culinary offer of the restaurant.

Carlo e Camilla in Segheria is open for dinner every evening and for lunch on Sundays.
At request, for groups, we are open for lunch on weekdays as well.

The waiting service, led by Alessandro Favola, is young and informal, careful to each detail to have the guests live an engaging experience in a theatrical and fascinating atmosphere.

For private dinners it’s possible to reserve the Iron Box, which can host up to 23 people for a placée dinner or up to 40 people for standing events instead.
At request, the mise en place in this room is entirely customizable.