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It all starts from a white paper, a silence, an empty box.

This time the empy box of Tanja Solci, art director, exhibitions’ curator and designer, is the hostorical sawmill of her grandparents, a 1929’s factory. With the aestetic and creative culture, today that box is the unexpected and magical place that hosts the restaurant Carlo e Camilla in Segheria, born from the interaction between Tanja Solci, Carlo Cracco and Nicola Fanti.

The set-up includes long wood tables, noble crystal chandeliers, A.G. Fronzoni’s and Jasper Morrison’s seats, produced by Cappellini.
Solci decorates the table with an original mise en place: a multitude of white porcelains and plates with different decorations, selected among Ginori’s discontinues. A theatrical set where conviviality and sharing meet the history of design.

The private courtyard with the antique woodworking machines is the completion of this intense work of industrial architecture.

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