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Carlo e Camilla
Carlo e Camilla kitchen is entrusted to the Chef Luca Pedata and a team of young chefs under the direction of Chef Carlo Cracco. The culinary offer is a concert of clear and unexpected details flavors. The origin of everything is very high quality raw materials, selected in full compliance with the seasons and favoring the production of the territory. The dishes are made with simplicity and rigor, reinterpreting the tradition in a contemporary version. Great looking in cooking techniques, often unusual, sometimes to maintain the high quality of ingredienti.Il menu changes every 3 months or so, but there are some constants proposals. The proposal of the off-menu changes daily.
The Bar is the temple of Filippo Sisti, talent that has delighted the most discerning palates of New York, London and Paris, and that makes testing a philosophy of work traceable in every detail. His method is based on techniques known as 'cooking liquid'. The phase of mixing of the cocktail is innovative and is done using preparations such as cooking in the oven, in the pan, through the use of vacuum and the chiller. Great attention is given to spices. The result is a drink unpublished paper, to match the flow of the restaurant or sip as an aperitif or after dinner.Alongside Filippo, Luca and Federico Volpe Vezzali
Carlo Cracco, chef

Tanja Solci, art director

Nicola Fanti, manager
It always starts from a blank sheet of paper, from a silence, by an empty box. This time the empty box of Tanja Solci, art director, curator of exhibitions, designer of installations, is the historic sawmill grandparents, a factory in 1929 with the aesthetic and creative culture, that box is now the unexpected and magical container that hosts the gastro-bistro Charles and Camilla in Sawmill, born from the encounter between Tanja Solci and Carlo Cracco. The set includes two long wooden tables, noble crystal chandeliers, sessions AG Fronzoni and produced by Jasper Morrison Cappellini. Solci dress the table with an unusual mise en place: an expanse of 100 and white porcelain dishes with different designs, selected out of production of Richard Ginori. A stage set where conviviality and sharing together the history of design. Image and dis brand: Roberto Da Pozzo, Illustrations: Gianluca Biscalchin.
In the kitchen: Luca Pedata, John Brasth, Antonio Gallarato, Davide D’orio, Valeria Valente, Nicholas Vitri, Giorgio Rattini, Papini Mirko, Tsuyoshi Yamakawa, Udaya, Milroy, Perera, Sameera

At the Bar: Filippo Sisti, Luca Vezzali, Federico Volpe, Valeria Lanzoni, Tommaso Lino.

In room: Nicola Fanti, Erica Sartorelli, Gabriele Garazzini, Federico Baruffa, Manuel Caputo, Francesco Colonna, Francesco Ricci, Carlo Scardino, Alessandro Favola, Ranga, Joana Pino Guerrero
Il 31 Dicembre Carlo e Camilla in Segheria organizza la "Cena di capodanno"
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